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Business Wranglers

Business Wranglers – With over 35 years in business, there’s not much we haven’t experienced. Over the years, we’ve seen constant evolution across all business, and have successfully disrupted numerous industries as a result. We have worked hand in glove with thousands of business owners for over 3 decades helping them manage the eventualities that hit […]

Network Video

For over 25 years, Network Video provided millions of hours of entertainment in the home. Successfully seeing through multiple changes in the industry, from Beta and VHS to DVD and Blu-ray and digital Network’s unique style of operation saw the overwhelming success of hundreds of independent DVD rental and retail stores across Australia and New […]


Space338 is a flexible event space that’s perfect for weddings, engagements, birthday parties, product launches, pop-up shops, exhibitions, photography sessions, fashion shows, and much more. Offered as a unique blank canvas, Space338 allows you to express yourself and create an environment customised to the specific requirements of your event. With 200sqm of usable space and […]


MyVideoStore shook the Australian and New Zealand entertainment rental and retail industry and saw it stood on its head. No longer were franchise members bound to order through their groups. MyVideoStore opened the floodgates for rentailers to bypass their franchise agreements and order directly with suppliers, securing better prices and a level playing field. While […]

TUF Club

Founded in 2013, our Underground Fitness Club centres provide you with a personal experience: our qualified trainers work alongside you to help you to set and achieve your fitness goals. When you walk into one of our fitness studios, you will be met by happy faces and a calm atmosphere as opposed to the sterile […]

Unbreak It

Whether it’s simple repairs or major renovations, the talented handymen at Unbreak It can do it all. No job is too big or too small, and all jobs are undertaken with the utmost care and professionalism. The team at Unbreak It pride themselves on working to find the right solution for any task – whether […]


Network staged an exhibition of the works of the noted artist Hec Geddes after his sudden death. Over 70 pieces of art were sold, raising tens of thousands of dollars for Hec’s cerebal palsy affected son. Back to Divisions