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Network Ambassador
Molly Meldrum

Aligning with one of Australia’s true entertainment icons was always going to result in a strong, memorable campaign, and the results exceeded all expectations. Molly’s unique style combined with his unrivalled entertainment knowledge made him a perfect fit to be the face of Network Video.



Demonstrating Network Video as the experts in all things movies may seem like an obvious move in retrospect, but at the time it was a revolutionary message in the rental industry. Not only did it successfully raise awareness of Network Video as a brand, it made waves in the industry worldwide – not only did it win a national marketing award, but Keran also presented the unique campaign to the world at an international rental summit.


Michael Winslow

The star of the Police Academy series and legendary stand-up comedian lent his world famous beat-boxing talents to make a series of distinctive spots that made everybody pay attention.


The Cans4Films Festival

Corporate responsibility and philanthropy is close to the heart of The Network Group, and the successful Cans4Films charity raised thousands of tonnes of food for those less fortunate across hundreds of Network Video stores’ local communities.