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We know better than most than running a successful rental store isn’t easy.
Just keeping track of the 400+ movies coming out each month (not to mention the 2,000+ titles on Trade Promotion) can be a full time job, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg of what a store owner has to think of.

So we created MyVideoStore, the only online resource that’s designed with a rental store in mind.
Managing your orders across multiple distributors doesn’t have to be difficult. Using MyVideoStore you can place your orders using your existing distributor accounts in the one place, at trade prices, without additional fees or longer delivery timeframes.

Why deal with the hassle of searching and ordering through multiple distributor websites when MyVideoStore makes it so simple?
Plus you have full access to all distributors’ current and upcoming trade promotions. No matter what order you’re placing, there’s no easier way than using My Video Store.
Update the way you do business and take some of the complexity out of running a store.

Take a look at these features:

Complete retail and rental catalogues
No more flicking through multiple dealer kits each month!

Simple ordering direct with distributors or via our state of the art warehouse
You choose how you want to do business and save money! Click here for more information about setting up a wholesale account with us.

Advance release schedules
Information is power and it means you can be proactive in your business, instead of reactive.

Sales and industry data
What products are renting? What should you order for retail? All your answers are on MyVideoStore.

Wholesale movie and accessory supplies
MyVideoStore – your one stop for everything your store needs.

MyVideoStore has all the product information a rental store could need; and let’s face it – a rental store’s business is all about the product they offer. Already many rental stores throughout the industry are using MyVideoStore as part of their daily workflow, and it’s only getting bigger.

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